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Pack of 30 single sided Baby Milestone cards to celebrate 30 unforgettable events during baby's first year. These cards are a lighthearted way of remembering all the amusing things that might happen during baby's first year! These would make a fantastic gift for a baby shower or for a friend or relative who has just had a baby. Ideal for taking photos of your baby with the cards to record funny moments and share with friends and family.  

This set has been designed and printed in the U.K. on high quality 350gsm white card. The size of the finished cards is A6. They are packaged in a Cellophane bag and sealed presented in a keepsake box.

The design of the cards is a simple monochrome design with twelve different backgrounds which are repeated throughout the pack. These cards looks very effective in photographs, particularly black and white photos.  The cards are printed single sided and you will receive 30 cards to celebrate 30 different milestones. The cards included are as follows:

Today I let me Mummy have a HOT drink

I'm milk Drunk

Today I let my Mummy wee in peace

Today I let my Mummy take a shower

Today I refused to sleep in my cot

Today I decided I didn't like Mummy's cooking

Today I did an explosive poo

Today I took my first steps - Now I can escape

Today I discovered the four month sleep regression

I kept my Mummy and Daddy up all night

Today I rolled over and got stuck

Today I cried all day. Just Because.

Today I did a poo in the bath

Today I did a wee on Mummy

Today I did a wee on Daddy

My Mummy is the best

Today I had a public meltdown

Today I ate something I shouldn't have

I'm a Budding Artist - Check This out

Today I didn't like my car seat

Today I rolled off the bed when Mummy wasn't looking

Today I fell over - I gave my Mummy a fright

Today I swore for the first time

Today I was sick on Daddy

Today I was sick on Mummy

Today I learnt how to stand up - look what I can reach

I like to pretend I'm an octopus when Mummy is dressing me

Today I got my first tooth - Who shall I bite first?

Today I was sick on Mummy

Today I farted in the bath - You should have seen my face

Today someone told my Mummy how to look after me - She wasn't impressed



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